About Wired

Wired Communications provides the highest level of expertise in the ITS/Structured Cabling industry. Our customers experience an unequaled level of knowledge and experience by working with Wired Communications engineers, project managers, and installers.

Wired Communications Georgia

There’s value in our approach to Structured Cabling.

Highest level of on staff experts: Wired Communications only employs experienced BICSI trained and manufacturer certified engineers. Some proudly designated as Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD’s)


  • RCDD Certified Engineers
    • Absolutely the most credible certification in the ITS/Structured Cabling Business.
    • The RCDD designation signifies an individual has met and maintains a high level knowledge in regards to Communications Distribution Design.
    • An RCDD is bound to integrity and professional conduct as exemplified through the BICSI organization.
    • Working with an RCDD assures a customer they are working with an individual with concentrated knowledge and an in-depth perception of the cabling business.
  • Engineers and Installers certified through high quality reputable manufacturer training programs.
    • Siemon, Leviton, Belden, AMP, Ortronics, Corning, and BICSI, lead the industry
    • Courses through these manufacturers rank the as the most accredited by the BICSI organization.
    • Access to continuing levels of unparalleled education and resources
  • Knowledge of the networking business (LAN/WAN) and where that industry is headed is built into our designs and can be seen in past installations.
    • CISCO
    • HP
    • Motorola
    • Dell

Quality Materials and Industry Standards based Cabling Systems

Wired Communications cabling systems are designed and installed in compliance with the most current industry standards, utilizing materials from US manufacturers who have a proven standard of the highest quality and performance. This assures that our clients have greater performance, a longer life span and can support and implement a wide variety of new technologies with little to no cabling infrastructure changes.

Structured Cabling

  • Quality Cable and Connectivity partners.
    • Siemon, Leviton, Essex, Belden, Berktek, Corning, AMP, Ortronics & others.
    • Product consistently exceeds the performance requirements established by TIA/EIA and ISO.
    • Leading the R&D path for future cabling technologies & methods
    • Warranty’s for 10 to 25 years
    • 3rd party audits and training requirements support and ensure the customer.
  • A clear understanding of ITS/Structured Cabling industry standard bodies – IEEE, ANSI, TIA, EIA, ISO, NEC, IEEE, and NFPA ensure a standards compliant solution.
    • Open Architecture
    • Building Inspector Compliant
    • Longer Life Span
    • Applications Assurance
    • Future Proof

Proven Experience, Service and Support.

Wired Communications has more than 30 years of structured cabling experience and staffs a team of seasoned, well skilled and knowledgeable installers, engineers and project managers. We have over 20 million dollars of installed base since 2005. Our reputation of quality and performance precedes us, and we guarantee that quality. We deliver it.

Arc Splicer

  • Service and Support
    • Regional and National Coverage
    • 24 x 7
    • Quick Response
    • Full Suite of Tools and Test Gear
    • Material Stock
    • Consistency
    • Emergency Coverage
    • One call to coordinate all efforts
  • Project & Operations Management
    • Experience in the field of ITS/Structured Cabling
    • OSHA Certified
    • On the job site for constant field management

Building Codes, Safety and Insurance

Compliance to local, state and national building codes along with safety regulations from organizations like OSHA and NFPA is important and valuable. Compliance adds overhead to businesses and costs to projects, because the quality contractor maintains higher levels of certification, insurance, and ongoing training. Wired Communications and its staff are committed to making safety and regulation fulfillment a priority in our daily business practices. In turn, by doing such, we ensure fines, delays, and hidden liabilities do not affect our clients business.

Wired Communications realizes the value of customer relationships and the importance of providing quality support, not only at the point of sale or during the installation, throughout the life of the structured cabling system. Wired Communications is uniquely positioned to provide 24 x 7 service support. Wired Communications owns and maintains the appropriate fiber optic and copper test equipment, so when emergency service is required we have the tools and materials on hand to bring the communications network backup, fast.

If you want to eliminate problems, prepare for the future, and get the most out of your investment. Decide on a structured cabling system, engineered, installed, and maintained by the Wired Communications Structured Cabling Team, you’ll see the value.