About Wired

The Wired Ideology

We believe that the structured cabling aspect of any client’s network is just as important as any other particular IT based component. The implementation, performance, and function of a file server, network switch, or any IP connected device is at some point, dependent upon the cabling to which it connects to create a network. Clients align with Wired Communications to improve their business. Be it increasing sales or decreasing operational costs. We understand how much an IT investment can impact our clients’ bottom line. This is why we offer the highest level of expertise, knowledge and skill set associated with what is truly an IT, Communications, or Data Networking component; Cabling.

The Wired Heritage

Wired Communications and the cabling business it represents today dates back 20 years when KLF Business Systems entered the structured cabling marketplace under the leadership of our current president Kyle Kitchen. KLF was founded in 1968 by three partners, including Kyle’s father, Charles. The Kitchen’s played a significant role in the success of KLF until the late 1990’s when purchased by Expanets and then later G3 Technology Partners. In April 2005 Wired Communications was created through an asset purchase arrangement to further grow the cabling business in a more independent, nimble, and cost effective business model. Through these company transitions Wired has retained many of its key original employees and enjoys an experienced and dedicated team today.

Wired Communications heritage is providing the highest quality, best performing structured cabling systems available. We bring market leading solutions to clients because our business is concentrated in one area; Structured Cabling/Information Transport Systems.

The Wired Approach

At Wired Communications, we recognize that simply having a specification which outlines material types or manufacturer parts with industry standards isn’t the right approach for our clients. We know that they value and count on their network as an integral part of their business. We understand that the elusive aspect for all the facets of technology, is the skill sets and capabilities of the individuals that touch the systems. The training and expertise that builds true knowledge is how the staff at Wired Communications excels in business.

The Project Management Team at Wired understands that first-rate solutions come from first-rate communication. We discover what needs to be accomplished in the design and planning phase of the project through meetings and correspondence. Then we detail it in a well stated scope of work document, which also includes some things that may not be well known or understood to our clients. We do this to assure we deliver, accurately and fairly with the clients best interests understood, within the price as agreed.

Project Planning Meeting - Wired Communications

Our purchase price is inclusive of all the known, common, reasonable materials and labor as required to complete the scope of work provided in our proposal. We’re not saying we pay for undiscovered project requirements, extras, and unknown desires or circumstances, but there are no tricks.

Yes. Most projects do have changes, but at Wired we scope out and price complete solutions. We detail what you are getting, derived from our meetings and correspondence, we agree, we spell out and we deliver on it.

From design to implementation and through to project completion, our team will be in constant contact with you to keep you on top of your projects statuses, activity and any and all project requirements. We guarantee that if you don’t agree to a change in the project scope, you will not get a change order.

At the core of our approach is our commitment and proven track record of maintaining the highest level of employee expertise. Our reputation and strong market position as a premier provider of structured cabling solutions can be attributed to our employee’s knowledge and experience in the industry. Our commitment to education and retention of quality personnel is evident through the qualifications, certifications, and employee tenure among our staff. Our engineering staff has been dominated by RCDD’s, the industries most qualified designers, going back to roots in 1993. Our foremen, installers, and technicians maintain BICSI and many other first-rate cabling installation and design certifications through premier manufacturers and training organizations.